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R. Rae Donaldson

Rae Donaldson is Director of Supply and Projects for Kinetica Partners, Kinetica Energy Express, and Kinetica Midstream Energy.

Rae has thirty years’ experience in the natural gas pipeline, oil and gas liquids, and petrochemical industries.

Rae holds a BS in Industrial Technology from Louisiana State University and is a Certified Safety Professional, Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and holds a United States Coast Guard Masters License.

Mr. Donaldson joined the Kinetica startup team during the acquisition of 1600 miles of Louisiana onshore and offshore pipelines previously owned by Tennessee Gas Pipeline and Kinder Morgan.

Prior to joining Kinetica Partners, Mr. Donaldson spent his career with Borden Chemical, Tenneco, El Paso Pipeline Group and Kinder Morgan in the Environmental, Health, Safety, Project Management and Pipeline Compliance Groups, supporting operations and projects and marketing retrograde condensate for Gulf of Mexico offshore and marsh assets. These assets include mainline pipeline and compression, separation/dehydration, gas processing, marine storage facilities/loading and unloading. Mr. Donaldson led the El Paso tank integrity program for Tennessee Gas Pipeline/ANR Pipeline/Southern Natural Gas Pipeline and has served as project manager for all facets of tank inspections, refurbishments and new construction. He also managed the EPA Title V compliance program for pipeline facilities in Louisiana and Mississippi including the El Paso Gulf LNG project. In addition, Mr. Donaldson has served as project manager for saltwater well new construction and maintenance at pipeline facilities.

Mr. Donaldson is a volunteer for Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana. He enjoys outdoor activities.

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